A phone call in the middle of the night shatters the lives of twins Zachary and Angelina Bartlett. A plane crash into shark infested waters has claimed the lives of their father, Master Winemaker Horst Bartlett, and wicked stepmother Tilda. Forced to return to the family vineyard to oversee the completion of the latest Merlot, the twins are confronted by the dark secrets of their father’s sordid past.

With Kestrel Vintners, the region’s premiere winery, just next door and Zach’s high school sweetheart, Kat Slater, offering them the financial deal of their dreams, the pressure is on to sell and get out quick. But when clues surface from the midnight realm of their father’s chilling obsession the twins begin to question each other and the details surrounding their own mother’s untimely death.

Now, another beautiful young woman is missing. Coincidence or is history repeating itself? With wine making in their veins, will the twins succumb to the call of the grape or be consumed by their own shadowy obsessions?

#5 Best-selling trade mystery paperback of 2009
(Independent Mystery Booksellers Association)

ISBN: 978-1-59404-024-5
Format: Trade paperback, 360 pages, 2nd Edition
1st in the Merlot Murder Mysteries Series
Illustrated by Steve Montiglio
Available Now
Retail Price: $ 15.95
Category: Mystery/Illustrated
Distributor: Partners West



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