Seattle 1932: Despite his dubious wounds, including two .38 slugs to the face, Police Officer Charles "Hacksaw" Sawyer's death is ruled a suicide. Suspecting something far more sinister, Chief of Detectives, Mike Ketuchum, attempts to dig deeper until he is ordered by his superior to leave the crime alone. Unable to let matters lie as they are, Ketchum once again turns to private detectives Alan Stewart and Vera Deward.

Unaided by police, and thwarted by the underworld, Alan and Vera race to unravel clues that lead them though opium dens, tattoo parlors and the region's most infamous pleasure palace. Along the way they uncover a long list of suspects that include forty or more police officers, convicted bootleggers put out of business by Sawyer during his recent tenure on the Dry Squad, and the godfather of Chinatown's largest pleasure emporium, Goon Dip Wong. Can Alan and Vera outwit both sides of the law to solve the mystery that no one wants solved, or will they fall prey to the same treacherous forces that brought down Hacksaw Sawyer?

"Vera Deward and Alan Stewart are reminiscent of Hammett's Nick and Nora Charles in the Thin Man series. As characters, they are endearing and occupy a comparable class. Unholy Alliance's prose bangs with the authenticity of a veteran detective on a blood-soaked ride through the foreboding criminal underworld of a Seattle that time forgot. The yarn is made genuine because Low uses police tactics that only a real-life cop would know. Unholy Alliance, an alliance of Low's earlier historical novels, is another dynamic advance in crime fiction." -Don Roff, author of Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection.

#1 Best-selling trade mystery paperback of 2011
(Independent Mystery Booksellers Association)

ISBN: 978-0-9801510-9-1
Format: Trade paperback, 366 pages. 4th in Alan Stewart Series.
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