Seattle in the 1940s: from its sprawling ports to its exotic bordellos in Chinatown, it is a rain-drenched harbor of greed, sex, and corruption--and now a mysterious murder. Alan Stewart loses his private investigator father at the hands of corrupt police officials. As he sets out to seek answers and to avenge his father’s death, Alan uncovers clues that lead all the way to the “Crime of the Century”The Lindbergh Kidnapping!

"Reading it is akin to stepping into a film noir, shadowy, smoky, and shocking. No one is whom he seems to be, and each unveiling heightens the pace of high tension.
-Author Ann Rule.

“Murder and justice. Sex and love. Greed and honor. This is a morality play in the tradition of Shakespeare's Richard III.
-Author Lowen Clausen.

#2 Best-selling trade mystery paperback of 2008
(Independent Mystery Booksellers Association)

ISBN: 978-0-9801510-1-5
Format: Trade paperback, 360 pages, 2nd Edition
1st in Alan Stewart Series
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Category: Mystery/Thriller
Distributor: Partners West