"In her first collection of poetry, Carol Smith offers a jewel box stuffed with wise and witty gems inspired by the loves of her life: her husband, her family, and especially her hometown of Seattle. From a word-perfect critique of local architecture, to an inspired (if disturbing) remedy for the flu, to a creepy-sweet account of being pranked by her late mother, Smith delights in the beauty and dark comedy that she sees, feels and experiences here, there, and everywhere. Hilarious and poignant, Rhymes Over Easy is a rare find treasure-just like its author." - JEFF JENSEN Entertainment Weekly.


Like dishes served in courses at your neighborhood cafe
This book pairs rhymes with chapters in the same familiar way.

Each clever verse is sprinkled with the words that seem just right
To tempt and even please the most poetic appetite.

From pasta lust, to failing banks, to winter's chilling breath
To musings on the drama of computer sudden death.

These appetizing morsels flavored all with daily life
Can readily be savored without using fork or knife.

They're just as good a haute cuisine and won't expand your waist
So go ahead and dig right in and try a sample taste.

ISBN: 978-1-59404-027-6
Format: Trade paperback, 120 pages
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Category: Poetry