“A beautiful job. Deeply moving!” -Prof. Benjamin F. Ward, Ph.D., Department of Philosophy, Duke University.

“More than a guide book, Rose Marie Curteman has provided us with a rich and compelling description of the spirit that created her “places of wonder” and still breathes life into these cities, significant monuments to human ingenuity and corporate pride. Nor is her book a history. Instead, she has described for us the way certain men, women, and circumstances together have created the colorful and unique character of the places she has selected, cities of beauty, power, and charm. Ms. Curteman's story is history with a heart—an antidote to the guide books which nourish the mindless tourism of so many of today's travelers.” -Anthony P. Via, S. J., Ph.D. Professor of History, Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA.

“Step aside Rick Steves. Whether you want to take a vicarious journey to a wonderful place or plan a trip to a magical destination, 7 ½ Places of Wonder by Rose Marie Curteman should be your guidebook. Curteman has an intimate knowledge of these places, and her astute descriptions of them enrich the travel experiences.” -Ronald H. Clark, Distinguished Practitioner in Residence, Seattle University Law School.

“As someone who makes a living scouting the world's most amazing locations for films, commercials and print ads, I was blown away by Rose Marie Curteman's 7 ½ Places of Wonder . She provides a sophisticated approach to experiencing travel that goes far beyond simply listing tourist traps and the best place to people watch. She eloquently distills each experience and describes just what makes each location extraordinary--whether it's the culture and history of the place, its incredible isolation, or the unique amenities available to the traveler. You just can't get this kind of information out of a regular travel book.” -Adam Silver, Location Scout and Producer at First Man Productions

ISBN: 978-1-59404-048-1
Format: Trade paperback, 286 pages.
Available April 2012
Retail Price: $ 19.95
Category: Travel/Memoir
Distributor: Partners West