In the dark misty streets of Seattle, there are no vacations from crime. Just one week after young PI Alan Steward tangles with the White Dragon, he finds himself once again paired with the beautiful and dangerous Vera Deward and embroiled in a mystery that's shaking the entire city. This time, a well known and aging heiress has disappeared. Has she simply departed early for a glamorous honeymoon, as her much younger and newly acquired husband insists or has there been foul play?

Alan and Vera race against the clock, through the murky Seattle cityscape looking for clues to the heiress's whereabouts. Clues that lead to shady hotels, underground catacombs in Chinatown, and to heart-pounding confrontations on fast-moving locomotives. Can Alan unwind the mystery and recover the heiress or will this mystery elude him?

"Neil Low's Unreasonable Persuasion is a fine example of a writer maturing in his craft. Low's latest story, the mysterious disappearance of a woman we never meet, will keep you turning the pages, but it's the subtleties of Low's writing that will make you pause and think. I suspect that you will wonder about the beginning of Low's book all the way to the end, at which time you are likely to mutter to yourself in surprise as I did, “I'll be damned.” -Lowen Clausen, Author of The River, First Avenue, Second and Beyond, and Third and Forever.

“Low's opening pages of his latest novel unfold with an unexpected murder. Detective Alan Stewart's third mystery is by far his greatest. Captain Neil Low—a real-life Seattle police officer—writes about the rainy city of yesteryear with love, confidence and intrigue. Alan Stewart has grown up since his early shamus days in Thick as Thieves . The only mystery here is why you wouldn't pick up this noirish, hard-boiled book.”— Don Roff, Author of Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection .

#3 Best-selling trade mystery paperback of 2010
(Independent Mystery Booksellers Association)

ISBN: 978-0-9801510-7-7
Format: Trade paperback, 320 pages
3rd in the Alan Stewart Series
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Retail Price: $ 15.95
Category: Mystery/Thriller
Distributor: Partners West