Jeffry W. Myers, one of Seattle’s leading photographers and inspirational speakers, is known for his ability to capture the mystic and magical elements found in nature. His photographic career has spanned more than thirty years and his images have been widely exhibited in numerous galleries throughout the Pacific Northwest.

This volume of his recent work is an exploration of our interior universe through images of nature, or in other words-images of our ‘exterior universe.’ Jeffry gathers his images from some of the most beautiful spots in the world. Often, he fearlessly treks miles on foot to places that are inaccessible to motorized vehicles. Once there, he waits patiently for the perfect mystery to present itself, captures it through the ‘magic window’ of his camera, and finally shares the image with you here in this book.

Accompanying these images is a series of inspirational quotes specifically paired with each image. The combination of quotes with images encourage the reader to delve inside to discover their own mystery and meaning, expand their own horizons and perhaps glimpse the universe as it creates miracles in every moment. The result is deeply spiritually moving and stunningly beautiful.

ISBN: 978-0-9801510-2-2
Format: Hardbound, 200 pages
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