In the 1980's Marilyn Pye lead a team of researchers, writers and archeologists on an excavation in Australia. The team discovered multiple artifacts that provided evidence of Middle East mining expeditions, South American entradas, and unknown histories all taking place before settlement in Australia. Widely interviewed on radio, television, newspapers and in lectures throughout Australia and America, Marilyn became known as “The Pyramid Lady.” She still has in her possession, some of the artifacts she discovered in the 80's.

Now, 30 years later, Marilyn comes forward with her controversial theory on how these artifacts arrived in Australia and the role that biblical figure Moses played. It's a theory that could set the world on it's ear and rewrite long accepted notions of ancient Egypt, Moses, and the Exodus. Inside these pages you will find evidence that is still untested by the scientific community and support pulled from Aboriginal histories, textiles, and religious texts. Join Marilyn as she invites you and the scientific community to take a deeper look at Moses.


"Imagine the surprise of world explorers seeking to claim uncharted lands for their European kings and queens, only to contact natives who were expecting them, because their visits had been prophesied in native lore, whether South American, American Southwest, Hawaiian Islands, or the Aborigines of Australia. All had stories of having white visitors eons before their "discovery." Until recently, most assumed these mysterious travelers were wayward Vikings, but in Wholly Moses, Marilyn Pye makes a compelling argument that the first visits preceded Eric the Red and his Norsemen by thousands of years. Pye builds a case from evidence literally pulled from the Australian ground that a redhead from Biblical times was the enigmatic world traveler of note. In Wholly Moses, Marilyn Pye is to Moses and the Bible what Dan Brown is to the Da Vinci Code's Last Supper. Thought provoking!" -Neil Low, Author of Thick as Thieves, Sign of the Dragon, Unreasonable Persuasion and Unholy Alliance.


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