In Good Kids the Story of Artworks, author & community leader Mike Peringer, presents an integrated, principle-centered approach for creating social change. Based on the true story of ArtWorks, a Seattle nonprofit organization designed to empower at-risk youth through professional opportunities in the Arts, Good Kids charts the amazing results that occur when community leaders and juvenile justice centers work together to re-incorporate at-risk youth back into the community.

In Good Kids, Mr. Peringer discusses exactly what it took to get the program going, shares it's success stories as well as it's failures, and inspires others to act by providing key advice on how to implement similar programs in your own community. Interspersed throughout the book are lively inspirational stories, many written by youth and inspired by the kids that benefited from ArtWorks. These stories offer a glimpse into the actual experiences of the youth that participated in the program.

Good Kids calls all of us to roll up our sleeves, have some fun, and make a difference in our communities.

In 2007, Good Kids was nominated for consideration of a Pulitzer Prize by Columbia University.

ISBN: 978-1-59404-033-7
Format: Hardbound with full color original art, 248 pages
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