Growing up in Slovakia in the 1960s, Adam's world is ruled by his country's iron fist. A naturally gifted artist, he finds his dreams of attending art school dashed when his family is stripped of their wealth and he is forced into the military. Unbroken, Adam reads restricted books and finds ways to pursue his art, finally coming to the realization that without Freedom, Art cannot thrive.

Loosely based on the author's real life, The Art of Freedom offers a glimpse into growing up in a totalitarian regime where creativity is discouraged but not easily killed. It is a story of the undying human spirit, the courage to pursue your dreams, and the power of Art to transcend and eventually provide the Ultimate Freedom.

“I have always been inspired by Milan Heger's creativity both as a fine artist and architect. His paintings and designs have an innate sense of harmony, balance, color, and energy. A pure delight in the act of expression. These characteristics of Milan Heger and his work have captured the attention of collectors and myself and has kept us captivated since his arrival in the USA in 1989. When I read his debut novel, The Art of Freedom , I was moved to find that Heger brings to his writing those same senses, clearly revealing another aspect of the stream of creativity that flows so readily through him as an artist. Milan Heger brilliantly and with touching humanity portrays how Art can be a key to multiple aspects of freedom.”—Patricia Cameron, Art Dealer / Curator Patricia Cameron Gallery

"A life painted with dark and light. An artistic journey where youth prevails over the shackles of the iron curtain and love lost is found again. This novel could easily become a cinematic masterpiece.”—Stephen McGehee, Director of Photography Los Angeles, CA

"Milan Heger's book is simply a journey. A magical journey of an unusually talented artist, who experienced two very different political systems. The reader may identify with the quest for freedom and search for the truth. Pursuit of freedom and the illusion of truth always attracted artists, but seeking freedom may be like bubbles in a glass of champagne. The book masterfully invites the reader to join the artist on his cultural journey." —Evgeniy Voronin , Magician

ISBN: 978-1-59404-028-3
Format: Trade paperback, 266 pages
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Retail Price: $ 15.95
Category: Fiction
Distributor: Partners West


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