On the evening of May 8, 2010, Janice Dushane was driving home on a crowded California interstate when her Toyota Prius began to uncontrollably accelerate. Finding herself in heavy traffic with no ability to control her car, she acted heroically and avoided collision with multiple vehicles including one carrying a young family. Janice herself was not so lucky. Her Prius slammed into a concrete building and she suffered multiple compound fractures broken ribs, facial lacerations and severe brain trauma. Her chances of survival were slim. If she did survive, her life would never be the same.

Four Stones is the Dushane family's remarkable true story of love, survival, recovery and adaptation. It's a journey through the labyrinth known as the health care industry where challenges lie at every turn including avoiding near-fatal medical procedures, navigating confusing insurance policies and sorting through bureaucratic red-tape. It also honors the many extraordinary medical professionals who went above and beyond the call of duty to restore a life.

"Four Stones is a must-read for anyone who is negotiating the health care system. I'm a doctor and hospital administrator and I wish I had read it before my step-daughter had her life threatening accident." ~ Noachim Steve Marco, M.D. Vice President, Northridge Hospital Medical Center.

"As a doctor I was trained to deal with life and death. But Dushane tells of his experience as a loving husband watching his wife hover on the cusp and despite all I have seen over the years, this true story is a profound education." ~ Paul D. Natterson, M.D. President, St. John's Health Center Medical Staff.

"Four Stones is a riveting story about a loved one being ripped from her family after a horrid car accident. It is a book about devotion, commitment and love, touching on nearly every emotion a husband and family can experience after a near fatal accident." ~ Dr. Earl Brien, Oncological orthopedic Sureon, Cedars Siani Medical.

"This inspriational journey of the Dushane family as they navigate our health care system is beneficial to anyone facing life and death decisions. Their dedication, attention, devotion and willingness to get involved provides us with a road map to success." ~ M. Davis R.N., PhD.


Releasing September 2013

ISBN: 978-1-59404-059-7
Format: Trade paperback, 424 pages
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Retail Price: $ 19.99
Category: Memoire / non-fiction
Distributor: Partners West



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