Every year, more than 500,000 people suffer strokes in the United States. It is the number 3 cause of death after heart disease and cancer. The lucky survivors of strokes often face debilitating disabilities. This is the story of one such survivor.

In 1997, Riley Jackson suffered a series of debilitating strokes. The third one got him. It left him unconscious, alone on the kitchen floor of his coffee farm in Costa Rica. Without the use of his body, and unable to call for help, Riley first comes to terms with the cockroaches he thinks are going to attack him and slowly comes to terms with what has happened to his body. With unflinching stupidity and humorous candor, Riley Jackson carries us with him as he navigates through the challenges of foreign hospitals, airline travel and bureaucratic red tape. Armed with an overly optimistic assessment of his chances for recovery and a quirky sense of humor, Riley emerges to find his devastating personal tragedy transformed into a spiritual awakening that completely renews his love of life. Join him in this retelling of his chaotic journey.

"Riley's zest for life is absolutely contagious. This self-proclaimed ‘dirty-old man' somehow helped me see beyond my own physical limitations and allowed me to embrace the beauty and joy that greets me each and every morning. This book is highly recommended for fellow stroke sufferers, their families, friends, physicians, and therapists." - Hugo Putts, Costa Rica

"I've had to put up with this guy for over ten years now. “Action Jackson” is a slow study. It took us nine years to get his fat bottom out of his wheelchair and start him walking. As I told his daughter-in-law, “If we had known he would keep coming back, we would have never taught him to walk.” Read the book and you will know why." -One of Riley's physical therapists-(name with held upon request)

"Riley is irreverent and incorrigible and I am glad I wasn't the nurse taking care of him for his recovery! However, he also possesses an incredible curiosity and a respect for the journey that is life. When the rug was pulled out from under him and he woke up in the hospital, his first thought was, "I wonder what will happen next?" -Jeanne DeBaets RN

"I don't know what goes on over there, but I hope the authorities never confuse our addresses.” -Dr. Tom (Neighbor)

ISBN: 978-1-59404-040-5
Format: Trade paperback, 264
Illustrated by Steve Montiglio
Available Now
Retail Price: $ 15.95
Category: Health/Humor
Distributor: Partners West


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