After the tragic deaths of his wife and child, Robert Hamilton, an acclaimed professor of history at Bates University, retreats from his academic life to lose himself in research. The topic is the world’s most elusive shipwreck, the 18th century Spanish galleon, The San Jose.

The San Jose, which has lain lost at the bottom of the Caribbean for more than 300 years, is estimated to have carried the single most valuable cargo ever shipped from the New World to Spain. It is also rumored to have contained a compilation of herbal medicinal remedies gathered from the various native Americas-remedies that would today be invaluable.

Robert’s research at the Archives of Indies unearths a tale of undying love which transcends time and ultimately reveals the location of the San Jose. Thrilled by this success, he is fueled to search further and assist with the recovery. Little does he know, this turn of events will offer the potential to find new love while thrusting him into a world of corporate espionage, intrigue and murder.

#2 Best-selling trade mystery paperback of 2009
(Independent Mystery Booksellers Association)

ISBN: 978-0-9801510-3-9
Format: Trade paperback, 360 pages
Available Now
Retail Price: $ 15.95
Category: Mystery/Thriller
Distributor: Partners West


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