1940- The eve of WWII. Imperial Japan threatens to conquer Asia and the entire Pacific Theater. Supplies and support are flowing into the region. Vital to this effort is the city of Seattle. But now, its crucial role in the supply chain is beginning to attract the interest of some shadowy and exotic international forces...

Following a tip from his mentor Vic Morrison, young Alan Stewart uses his detective skills to track down Tiger Lee, a sexy American operative on a mission to disrupt the Japanese spy network. Working together, the two set out to eliminate the head of their Japanese rivals: a dangerous samurai whose movements are shrouded in mystery. What begins as a hunt for justice quickly turns into a maelstrom of revenge-and a race against the clock as politics become personal and loyalties are tested from every side.

Returning to the scene of his first novel, Thick as Thieves, author Neil Low proves once again that in the shadowy underbelly of a city nothing is as it first appears, and what you don't know just might hurt you after all...

"Here's the first thing I can tell you about Neil Low's new novel: There are strong women herein. If you don't like strong women or stories about them, find another book. The mood of this tale reminds me of the foggy, black and white crime movies of the period before World War II, and that's not accidental. It's clear that the author has extensively researched the Seattle of that era and makes that time real to his readers with deft, subtle touches. This story may humor you, and it's likely to get your juices flowing. But perhaps most importantly, it's going to make you think, because it has more twists and turns than the catacombs under Chinatown, which Low describes so vividly. And here is something else I can tell you: You will have to wonder if Low's catacombs are real or if they are stuff of legend and myth. "Aye, there's the rub," as someone else who knew a thing or two about telling a good story once wrote." -LOWEN CLAUSEN, Author of The River, First Avenue, Second and Beyond, and Third and Forever.

#2 Best-selling trade mystery paperback of 2009
(Independent Mystery Booksellers Association)

ISBN: 978-0-9801510-5-3
Format: Trade paperback, 320 pages. 2nd in Alan Stewart Series.
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