Stuck by a train just days before her wedding Sonya Elliott, an athlete and fashion model, miraculously survives-her fiance does not...

Back on the Court is one woman's incredible story of recovery. As she fights her way through grief, debilitating injuries and heartbreak, Sonya reignites her passion for basketball, and ultimately for life itself. This heart-felt memoir brings insight to the grief process, is a captivating love story, and has an inspiring impact that will last a lifetime.

"Back on the Court is an incredibly emotional and powerful read." -Warren McDonald, Motivational Speaker and Author of A Test of Will.

Back on the Court is a story of resilience and love that helps us remember the healthy way to heal from our tragic, and even not so tragic, losses. In order to find our way back to life we need to learn to express grief in our own unique ways. Sonya found writing and basketball and we are all the richer for it." -Ann Sparling White, MS, LMHC, NCC. Author of The Volcano Model: Helping Children and Families Heal After Loss.

"A heart-felt testament to the power of sheer human perseverance, captured beautifully within a tale of love and transformation." -Abigail Carter, Author of The Alchemy of Loss.

"One of the greatest qualities to develop in our character is resilience: the ability to not only bounce back from adversity but to then exhibit positive outcomes of that adversity. Sonya Elliott takes her resilience, learned on the basketball court, to a whole different level. Back on the Court is an intimate glimpse into the depth of love we all want, the type of tragedy we all fear, and the strongest hope we all seek. No one can read this story and walk away unchanged." -Catherine L. Crosslin CEO and Managing Partner of Instar Performance.

"Sonya Elliott's reflections will imprint upon the reader's hear and soul." -Tom Newell, Director of NW Sports Institute & Development.

ISBN: 978-1-59404-045-0
Format: Trade paperback, 286 pages.
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