Seattle drama major, Karoline Morrison, thinks she has the magic and a plan that will save her marriage and promote the career of her sexy, charming classical/jazz pianist husband. A dramatic turn of events casts her into the maelstrom of Hollywood during the Golden Age of the fifties and sixties, when blondes ruled. At every turn, the values of her sheltered childhood on McNeil Island and her Norwegian Pentecostal mother are put to the test, from Arab prince and studio executive, to wealthy heir and Mob boss.

Circumstances force her back to Seattle where she spends six months at the Seattle World's Fair taking roles as a model, "Girl of the Galaxy", human target in the Wild West Show, and fake Spaniard in the Spanish Village. When the fair closes, she believes her only option is to return to Hollywood and the nightclub life. This is a story of her survival in a life-changing decade.

"During the golden era of the 1950's, The Hollywood Reporter named Karoline Morrison the "Queen of the Sunset Strip". She was the voluptuous "cigarette girl" at the glamorous Ciro's, a showcase for beautiful women, notorious Mafia figures, and Hollywood celebrities, a name-dropper hangout that was intoxicating to those fortunate enough to make it through its front doors. Karoline pulls no punches as she remembers those names, their stories, and how they blended with hers in this bittersweet tale of a woman redefining herself during an era when traditional roles for women changed. This is an almost unbelievable story of personal growth and loss that reads more like a novel than a memoir. I'm sure this will leave you dreaming like it did me: I wish I could have been there!" - Neil Low, Author of Thick as Thieves, Sign of the Dragon, Unreasonable Persuasion and Unholy Alliance.

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