Tigress Publishing is happy to consider queries and proposals from authors for new projects. Authors should send to us:

  • A cover letter that explains the concept and aims of the proposed book. Cover letter should include the size of the book, either in page count or in word count. Please inform us if any of the material you are including in your manuscript has been previously published.
  • A description of the intended readership. Will the readership be especially strong in any particular geographic area?
  • A description of how the proposal differs from other books currently on the market. Why is it unique? What other material has been published on this topic (please provide details)?
  • Your personal resume. We understand that your work history will include various industries and markets that may not be related to your work as an author.
  • Suggestions on how you feel the book might be marketed (key audiences, networks that may be interested, potential course adoptions) and whether there are possibilities for bulk purchases by the author(s) or their organizations.
  • A completed manuscript

Materials can either by posted or preferably, sent as an email attachment.

Once we have received these materials, we will initiate a review process and aim to provide a detailed response as quickly as practicable.

Please address proposals to:

Kristen Morris

Tigress Publishing
7095 Hollywood Blvd. # 369
Hollywood, California 90028