Robert Dushane:
Four Stones - September 2013

Robert Dushane is a first-generation American, born in Dorchester, Massachusetts. He was raised in Southern California and holds degress in accounting and law. Robert spent most of his career as an entrepreneur in areas including apparel, entertainment, satellite television, and advanced technologies in heating and air conditioning/environmental controls.

Robert lives on the Southern California Coast with his wife of forty-six years, who is the inspiration for his memoir, Four Stones. He is an avid cyclist and at the age of sixty, rode coast to coast.

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Thick as Thieves -September 2008

Sign of the Dragon - September 2009

Unreasonable Persuasion - September 2010

Unholy Alliance - September 2011

Deadly Attraction-December 2012

Neil Low is a captain with the Seattle Police Department and was the agency's first commander of its new Ethics and Professional Accountability Section. He currently is the Night Commander. Other areas he has commanded include: Homicide and Violent Crimes (CSI, Robbery, Fugitive, and Gangs), Internal Affairs, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. He is a Vietnam War veteran and graduated cum laude from the University of Washington Bothell Campus, where he also wrote for the school's weekly paper, The UW Bothell Commons. A Seattle native, he now lives in Everett with his wife Lesley and their three daughters.

Neil is featured in Tigress Publishing's Murder Mystery Tours in downtown Seattle. These are walking tours that feature locations found in Neil's novels and some of Seattle's most notorious crime scenes.


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Man with a Gun - November 2012

Bryan has been a television and video writer/producer for nearly three decades during which he has won 10 Emmy along with several other national awards. he is the author of three books and has written for numerous magazines and websites. He was also blessed with being an on-air movie reviewer for ten years-according to Bryan the greatest gig on the planet.

He currently lives in Lake Forest Park, Washington, just outside of Seattle with his wife, two kids and two very large dogs.


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7 1/2 Places of Wonder - April 2012

Rose Marie Curteman is the author of MY RENAISANCE:  A WIDOW'S 
.  She was born and raised in Germany, then studied in the United States. earning Bachelor's and Master's degrees in English Literature, a subject she later taught.  She makes her home in the Pacific Northwest, but is often in Brussels, Munich, and Tuscany to  be with members of her family.

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Wholly Moses- March 2012

Marilyn Pye is well-known in Australia for leading a hard-line team of researchers and writers who supported evidence in Australia of Middle East mining expeditions, South American entradas and unknown histories all taking place before colonial settlement. Her findings were regularly featured in newspapers, radio interviews, television talk shows and on the lecture circuit in Australia and America.

Nicknamed The Pyramid Lady, Marilyn is now releasing her debut novel, Wholly Moses, which includes confidential information from her research and the discovery of the Golden Pyramid in Far North Queensland. Armed with the actual artifacts from the digs and historical support from various sources, Ms. Pye presents her theory on the origin of the Egyptian artifacts found in Australia. If proven correct, her theory will shake the world.

Marilyn currently lives in Cairns Australia.


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Back on the Court - October 2011

Sonya Elliott is a writer, a basketball coach, a fashion model and a mom. She is the owner of Full Court Design and founder of the PeaceLoveBasketball organization. Both support today's youth through her love of the game and love of life. An all-conference academic basketball player, Sonya attended Eastern Washington University on an athletic scholarship and graduated with honors. Along with coaching, Sonya continues to play basketball competitively in Seattle's top women's leagues. She is married and has two children.

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Twilight of the Blondes - April 2011

Karoline Morrison currently resides in a house overlooking Puget Sound in Seattle, Washington. She lives with three good-looking males: her husband Dennis, her son Brandon, and her awesome cat named Orange Julius Ceasar (or Joules for short).

Karoline and Dennis split their time between the Seattle house, an art-filled vacation house on the edge of the continent at Ocean Shores, and aboard their boat, the Velvet Elvis.

She no longer runs an antique shop in the Carnegie Library Building in Ballard, Washington. She now owns the building and conducts estate sales to keep her hand in the game. She can often be found in the upstairs office of the Carnegie Building, working on the sequel to Twilight of the Blondes. The title of the sequel is My Mother's Was Bigger And Had Roses Painted On It.

Clothing and fashion are still a passion of Karoline's. She continues to suffer from closet gridlock. She still has her very first merry widow and it still fits!

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Low Hanging Fruit - May 2011

Susan Johnson graduated from the University of Washington in 1996 with an English degree. Her debut novel, Low Hanging Fruit is set in Eastern Washington. Susan resides in Medina, Washington with her husband, nine year old son and sixteen year old stepson.

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Sleeping with Patty Hearst - November 2010

For more than 20 years, Mary Lambeth Moore has been a versatile, persistent and mostly anonymous writer. Her paying and non-paying jobs have included waitress, government bureaucrat, freelance writer, corporate consultant, fiction editor, property caretaker, and, currently, fair lending advocate for low-income communities.

Through all of these jobs, Mary has written. She has been a ghost-writer for CEOs, national policy leaders and community advocates. She has published numerous articles under others' names as well as her own short fiction, most notably in the nationally-distributed magazine, First for Women. For three years she served as the fiction editor of Carolina Wren Press in Durham, North Carolina, where she edited the short story collection In the Arms of Our Elders by William Henry Lewis. This collection received strong reviews, including praise from Anne Beattie and Peter Matthiessen.

Mary graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and also the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. She grew up in Reidsville, North Carolina and now lives in Raleigh with her husband and 13-year-old son. Regards to Patty Hearst is her first novel.

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The Art of Freedom - October 2010

Milan Heger was born in Czechoslovakia during the Cold War era. His ambitions to explore far away places had to be put on hold until 1991, when Milan and his family moved to Hawaii and he began to fulfill his dream of living in the free world.

Milan's life revolves around art and design. He writes regularly about art and architecture, contributing to national magazines and blogs. After moving to Seattle, he founded his firm Heger Architects, designing homes and furniture. His art is represented by Patricia Cameron Gallery.

Milan loves to spend his free time in the amazing outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. He is an avid tennis player and bike rider.

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A View from the Floor - October 2010

Riley Jackson was born in California, lived in Oregon and now resides in Seattle, Washington. He is living proof that you should pay attention in high school because when he was released from high school he joined the Army during the Korean War. Not one of his brightest moves. He ended up spending most of his three years of active duty in Africa, which is the setting of his second novel.

After the service, Riley made his living as a jack-of-all-trades before heading to college for an actual degree. Just a few of the jobs he held include singing, baking donuts, working at a dairy and making pizzas.

Riley graduated from UCSB and accepted his first legitimate job as a systems engineer with RCA systems division. He spent thirty years in the computer industry and a marriage. To celebrate the end of both those endeavors, he bought a small coffee farm in Costa Rica where his novel, A View from the Floor begins.

Riley currently lives with the only female in his life, Duchess, a white basset hound. She loves him very much but also drools continuously, sleeps twenty-three out of twenty-four hours a day, and knows more people than Riley does. She is the love of his life and a complete party animal.

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A Patient Enemy -February 2010

Kelley Theron is a pen name for the Tigress author of A Patient Enemy. She is currently employed as a Detective investigating Sexual Assaults and Child Abuse for a large U.S. city police department.

Although A Patient Enemy is a work of fiction, it was inspired by the many cases investigated by the author.

Ms. Theron chose to keep her true name a secret in order to avoid any fuss or distractions during her future investigations, and to avoid any discomfort for the victims of these crimes.

When not investigating crime, Kelley enjoys exercising outdoors and hanging out with her husband and kids. Her idea of heaven is a comfortable chair, a big mug of tea, and a good book.

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Echoes of Time -May 2009

Luis was born in Colombia to a family of politicians, journalists and writers. After graduating from McGill University with an engineering degree he moved to the United States, where he made his permanent home.

He is the president and founder of International Technologies Corporation and was responsible for the engineering of many prestigious projects such as the Lincoln Center in New York, Pompidou Center in Paris, Lloyds Headquarters in London, and L'Enfant Plaza in Washington.

The novel Echoes of Time was inspired while Luis was doing research at the Archives of Indies in Seville, Spain on the Spanish Galleon, The San Jose. The San Jose was sunk by British warships in 1708. The research was part of Luis's efforts to assemble a team with a unique combination of expertise in both the historical and technical aspects of underwater salvage, for the actual sub-sea recovery of galleons.

Luis has traveled and worked in four continents. He lives with his family in Seattle, Washington and New York where he works and writes.

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For the Sake of the Vine - April 2009

Adria Lang is a writer living in Los Angeles. She currently is working as a staff writer on the CBS show 999 Park Avenue. Her feature script, The Parlor, is in the early stages of development with Uros Stojanovic attached to direct. When she piles up all of her screenplays, stories, plays, and novels, the stack is exactly 1'5" high. She needs a nightstand, so she has resigned herself to keep writing until the pile is as tall as the bed. She gets her inspiration from her cat Bobo, a marvel of feline engineering, her magnanimous friends and family, and of course, from wine.



Rhymes Over Easy- October 2009

I was raised on Alki Beach
By our Mother, who would teach
An opened book is where to find
The pathway to an open mind

With sister, I would sit wide-eyed
While mother, nestled by our side
Read tales of Lassie coming back
And Jabberwocky's snicker snack

When older, I could not resist
The chance to then apply my twist
By coming up with special rhymes
To celebrate our current times

And to this day with Husband Dear
I live in West Seattle near
My friends and family who would lead
Me to this book I hope you read

I can't help feeling this was planned
And reaching down is mother's hand
Reminding me, though things you lose
It's hearts you win, when you amuse

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Lend Me Your Ear- September 2009

Since his election as his hometown's youngest-ever City Councilor, Michael J O'Halloran has compiled an encyclopedic knowledge of the inner workings of national, state and local government. He is, quite simply, a master of community-based issues, including the fine art of building trust and understanding between citizens and their government.
Michael holds a Master's Degree in Conflict Resolution from the McGregor School at Antioch University, and a Bachelors of Science from Suffolk University in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. He is a certified mediator, a faculty member at Bentley University and has served as a Conflict Resolution Trainer at Brandeis University.

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Mystery and Meaning in the Universe- February 2009

A photographer, natural teacher, explorer and seeker of wisdom, Jeffry pursues life with passion. His creative point of view passionately demonstrates his enthusiasm as a full participant in life. In all of his images, a deeper sense of the universe is portrayed. Jeffry is an avid volunteer for environment and social causes. His goal is to raise the collective self-worth of all beings wherever he may be.

Jeffry has studied life and photography with some of the most inspired photographers of his time and holds a BA from Seattle University as well as a Masters of Fine Arts from Ohio University. He is a member of the American Society of Media Photographers and the National Speakers Association.

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Good Kids: The Story of ArtWorks -Fall 2007

Michael Peringer was born in Seattle and graduated from the University of Washington. After attending Law School and Graduate School at the University, he entered the business world. He started ArtWorks as a result of a grant to the SODO (South of Downtown) Business Association, an organization he founded.

Mike's civic efforts have garnered him several awards. Among them are the Jefferson Award and the Seattle Police Department's Citizen Appreciation Award. He published Lifeline to the Yukon, a history of the Yukon River and has authored many articles.

He is married, the father of five children and the grandfather of seven. He lives in downtown Seattle.